Alpha Female: Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieHere you have a woman who has broke every rule in the book.

If someone told you the story you’d wonder what a horrible person she is.   She “stole” somebody’s husband, got the man to move in with her and her orphans, then got knocked up by him with 3 kids that include twins.  She’s still looking good, still making box office hits, and he’s obviously smitten by her.

Brad Pitt (the “stolen” husband) would’ve married Angelina already.  But reports say that she just isn’t ready or she won’t until gays have the right to be married in this country.  Yeah, ok.  I think her reasons are more.  Again, a prime example of an alpha female full of contradictions.

And another thing.  We remember Angelina as that “crazy”, wild child who put Billy Bob Thornton’s blood in a vial around her neck.  They both did.  But truth be told, she flipped her image in no time into this glam-goddess-husband-stealer-mother-earth-charity queen.  Think about.  Not an easy thing to do.  She’s mastered the art of the surprise, reinvention and seduction.

According to US weekly and other tabloids, women hate her, but a majority of them want to be like her. She’s the woman who can keep you up at night.   Oh, and there’s a rumor that she used a bat’s claw or something to get Brad.  Yeah, I bet she did, and it ain’t the ones that fly.

I nominate her for induction into the Alphanista Hall of Fame.  What say ye?


  1. Bill Cammack says:

    Well, life isn’t fair. 😀 Everything’s separated into the “Haves” and the “Have-Nots”, so Play On, Playah!… Let’s see how much Angelina can wrangle before her stock drops! 😀

  2. Nukirk says:

    I remember this one magazine interview when Jolie said she wanted to be tasted by every man and woman in the world… literally.

    That’s a lotta guts.

  3. Sherryberry says:

    I always liked Angelina, one of the only white girls out there that I truly respect in the film industry. She is a really good Hollywood actress, not great like Kate Winslet, but consistently good at her craft. Yes, she is physically stunning but her mind is even more impressive. She made a 180 degree turn in her life and figured out what was most important to her- having a family and charity. She is not without flaws, the woman can’t even stand her own father ( Oscar winning Jon Voigt). She’s impulsive, flying planes and doing her own action stunts in her films. But I know why Brad loves, she’s intriguing and keeps him guessing- just like a Gemini ( her birthday is June 4th). The woman does seem to have multiple personalities, care giver, actress, sex symbol, whore, philanthropist and many more we don’t even know about yet.

    I don’t care if she stole Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Anniston because she is so wack! To this day Jennifer Anniston is still talking about the break up, which is almost 4 years old like it just happened yesterday, whatever! Anniston is turning 40, still loses boyfriends left and right to other chicks and has to pose semi nude in Esquire or GQ to get attention; hmmm Houston, we have a problem.

    Angelina has clearly given Brad what he wanted, a family. Not to say that Jennifer didn’t want kids- she did but not right away- they were married for 5 years and still no kids; how long did she want to wait!

    I think Angelina helped Brad evolve into a citizen of the world, not just some blond bimbo actor. She gives him swagger, even though he was okay on his own but look at him now, both him and Angelina are Oscar Nominated actors this year- that says something. I think she is still a little crazy, and he is crazy in love with her.

    I think Angelina is an alpha female because she clearly lacks common decency- I know how that sounds but she doesn’t live for other women like so many of us do. She has broken the girls should be accountable to other girls rule and simply lives for herself. I think she is the type of chick who gets along better with men because other women are just not envious, but disgusted by how powerful she presents herself, Angelina gives good face.

    Viva Jolie, Alpha Female.

  4. lisa says:

    Yeah she is definitely a member of the Alphanista Hall of Fame! You saw the chemistry in Mr. and Mrs. Smith; you had to be seriously blind and stupid not to, lol!

    This is one of my favorite movies and it oozes sexuality and heat.

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