Alpha Cure: Self Doubt


You finally found that man/woman you were ready for, but you doubt they’ll stick around.

You stumbled upon your dream job but you doubt they’ll like you. You just bought a new Bobbi Brown foundation, but doubt it’ll be like your Prescriptives favorite.

These are all the whispers of self-sabotage getting ready to make an appearance.

All common, but what’s not is the response.  Lately, I’ve been reading more on self talk.  The things we tell ourselves when we feel “bad”.  But how does one talk to self, when it’s the self that feels bad?!  Well, there is a technique I read about in this book called Awaken Your Strongest Self.  It says that we must “parent” ourselves and step outside.  Not scold or criticize how we feel, but “baby” it and cajole it.  Validate your feelings because they are real.  Then walk yourself through to the remedy.  Next time you get crazy thoughts, parent yourself through positive self talk.  Don’t make any promises like “I will never feel this way again”.  But more like “I understand how you feel, and I’m here for you.”  There’s no need to struggle alone, or feel like you are alone, when we have so many facets of ourselves waiting to assist: the manager, the teacher, the student, etc.

Because all we all want to hear at the end of the day is that “It will all be okay”.  Even if it’s a lie.  Fake it until you make it.

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  1. lapreghiera says:

    I dunno alpha, this liquid Make up Forever I just bought is really not working like I’d hoped and I rather have the sephora cream to powder compact 🙂 Or do I just go back to the safety of Clinique. Now the make up is valid you can do something about that, but the man and job thing (and I am at the job point presently) I do hype myself up for these interviews and reviews, etc… Like RIGHT NOW I am competing for the job I am currently doing under contract, where it would seem like they could save my nerves and just roll me in FT w/benefits, I had to apply and gotta interview like everyone else! So I was like dag, well let me not put all my eggs in this basket, and I’ve applied elsewhere. But now the people I work with are kinda ‘prepping’ me for the interview (cause I’m sure they don’t want to start from scratch with a new person) for a higher position. If I hadn’t applied I wouldn’t be considered for the better paying position.
    But it’ll be a week Sat and the makeup is going back….

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