Let Your Alpha Light Shine At Work

womancareer3By Guest Blogger Karen Vaughn

It’s 9am and you’ve arrived at work.

Your inbox is overflowing with emails, your desk is full of paper work, the voicemail light is blinking, you have work from yesterday to finish, co-workers are stopping by for information and you still haven’t had your morning coffee. Turn your morning work marathon into a relaxed atmosphere where your creativity and last good nerve are spared.

It’s time to get organized Alpha-nista!

Before an alpha-nista starts work:

  • Your desk is where the magic happens so let’s get rid of the clutter!  File all current projects and tasks in a file organizer that sits on your desk. Having your “must have tasks” at the tip of your finger tips is key for easy access.
  • Put all old paperwork, proposals, and other papers in a file with a label that indicates the name of the task and the year. Recycle the paper of all duplicate information.
  • Surf through emails and detect the ones that are most important. If an email only needs a quick response take care of it quickly. In doing this, you have eliminated a task and your co-worker can move on with their task because of your speedy reply. For emails that need a little more time move them into a To Do file on your computer and make a note to remind yourself.
  • Check Voicemail and return all calls

Sidebar: Checking email and voice mail are tasks that you do every day. Couple them along with other tasks you must complete every day. I like to call these my Bundle Routine Tasks (BRT). Just like the phone company you can bundle your tasks that are reoccurring, so can you. Do you have daily or weekly tasks? Think about them and create a daily bundle routine and a weekly bundle routine to keep you on track.

During Work:

  • Create a To Do List for the day (In the beginning of the week and month create a To Do List for the Week and for the month to keep you on schedule)
  • Pick up where you left off the previous day. Start your day with the most vital tasks. Once you have completed a task, send it off to your co-workers that are in need the information and put a nice big check next to the item on your To Do List.(smile) Move on to the next task on your To Do List.
  • Mid morning email and voicemail check
  • Any important tasks that you could not take care of during your mid morning email and voice mail check put them down on your To Do List.

Lunch- Enjoy your time to yourself. Leave work at work and indulge in a good lunch and Me Time. You not only deserve it, but you body needs to regroup.

After Lunch

  • Continue to work tasks on To Do List
  • Do you have any afternoon Bundle Routine Tasks? Complete them now.
  • Afternoon email and voicemail check
  • End of the day wrap up

10 Minute Prep: Take the last 10 minutes of the day prepping for tomorrow. Organize the tasks you will be working on tomorrow and place them on your desk so they will be the first thing you see when you arrive at work. File items you no longer need. Begin your To Do List for tomorrow and place your new To Do List next to your tasks for the next day. Finally, alpha-nista’s workday is complete. Enjoy your evening.

Karen Vaughn is a top rated major market radio personality whose keep it real approach and sister-friend point of view can be hear on Star 99.7 in Charleston, SC and via her blog www.WorkingDivas.com.

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  1. Karen Vaughn says:

    Greetings Alphas!
    A few of you have asked about my BRT system. BRT’s are Bundle Routine Tasks. Tasks that you do on a daily or weekly basis while at work.

    For example, many of us have to return voicemail and answer email. Bundling these tasks together and execute them at the same time every day. This way, you are notconstantly answering email and phone calls throughout the day.

    I found when I was trying to keep with all my emails and voicemail messages as soon as they came in; my day was overwhelming because I could not get any of my work completed.

    Or perhaps you have a few tasks that are career specific. In my field a few of my duties were scheduling music for the radio station and data entry updates of the music library. Every day I would couple them together or bundle them together(smile) since they went hand in hand.

    Write down all of your daily and weekly tasks at work and come up with a BRT System for yourself. And please let me know how it goes.

    I hope this helps. Keep the questions coming…

  2. Jada says:

    I wanna know what BRT is, too sounds good. But being organzed gotta be in your blood to learn it takes too much time which takes away from being organized!

  3. Mishay says:

    That is me. I am super organized. It’s called covering your behind. What is BRT? That’s interesting.

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