Addicted To The Thrill

By Guest Blogger Samantha Huang

For the alpha female, career comes first.

We slave away at college getting hard earned degrees to instantaneously follow the trend of asserting ourselves in society. Yet when we allow ourselves to stumble and fall under cupid’s arrow, watch out, all senses of reality cave in and we find ourselves in La-La land.

Who hasn’t fallen in love once, twice and even three times in a single year? Despite the feminist movements and call for gender equality, we can never quite escape the clutches of being wrapped in a relationship.

Now it’s a general statement that ALL women go ga-ga over a significant other, but many do, and it’s evident when we start showing signs that confirm we’re “ in love”. We start dressing more feminine ( mascara is always a must!) and we hang onto every little word spoken out of their mouths. Cheesy romantic movies are suddenly the highlight of the weekends, and our messaging inbox is filled with their texts. The highpoint being that we’re suddenly thinking about marriage and babies!

The only thing we have left to ask of ourselves is, are we going crazy? Perhaps but not quite. Like all things that gives us contentment and elation, being in love and in a relationship is almost an addiction. We can’t quite get enough. And in the process of feeding our addiction, we start losing our sense of selves. Imagine giving up your weekend brunches with your girlfriends waiting for his phone calls, or foregoing the gym waiting for his phone call. The basis being we’re constantly waiting and even starting to chase. Even this author’s been accused of the latter. So when you find yourself waiting for him you better slow down a little and reassess your situation:

-The alpha female never chases. And when she does and feel like she’s about to run, she better remember that she’s still wearing her favorite Manolo Blahniks

-Despite having an SO, we still have a life outside of the relationship. We still need to pay the bills, go to the gym and enjoy some alone time without worrying whether he will call

-We’re confident to know that he will call

– We were single before being in a relationship and until he locks us down with platinum we still are

In summary, it’s about being ourselves even while we’re “ addicted” to him.

In between shopping sprees and holiday sales, guest blogger Samantha Huang spends the majority of her time writing and enjoying weekend brunches with girlfriends that love to gossip. She currently resides in New York City.

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  1. Lee says:

    “The alpha female never chases. And when she does and feel like she’s about to run, she better remember that she’s still wearing her favorite Manolo Blahniks”

    Brilliant! An alpha loves the dopamine rush of love, but unlike a true addict, she knows how to close up the “medicine” cabinet when her habit starts messing with her paper. 😉

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