Accessorize Your Sexy Pt 1

too much?

By Guest Blogger, Goldie

I’ve told you so much.

You should have no problem fishing through the racks and finding the items that suit you best. Now you need to finish the look. Accessories make the outfit complete. You can’t just walk outside with a strapless dress and expect the outfit to flow. One needs to invest in some pieces that will carry your garb to the next level.

I think everyone needs three bags. An evening bag in a neutral color is dealbreaker. You can’t wear a  busy dress and a busy clutch with the expectation of being photographed well. One also needs a Large Tote Bag. You need that bag to do some slight travel with you without bulging or busting at the seams. You absolutely must get an everyday bag. It needs to be functional for work and for happy hour. Once you have these items then by all means go ahead and cultivate your bag collection.

Jewelry is a different subject. You need studs. Depending on your age you could get diamonds and pearls or some cute, playful items. Hoop Earrings always do the trick, just don’t look like Jenny from the Block with hoops that could function as bangles as well. Speaking of Bangles, go wild. Get texture, play with widths and placement. Avoid the overly plastic look that these teeny bopper chain stores offer. No one looks good with a plastic purple 2 inch bangle… no one.

Necklaces are very hard to discuss. I can only say that if you have a fatty neck, a la Kimore Lee Simmons then stay away from chokers. It’s not a good look. Rings are so much fun. You need a good cocktail ring. Anything after that is to pacify your style. I see rings as  frivilous joys. They don’t have to exist in wardrobe but it is the little things count, huh?

Headgear is a touchy subject, mainly because your hair can cause certain looks to be unattainable. One should have a great hat. Mainly for the winter time. I’m not going to say which one because a trilby can look good on you, while a bowler may suit someone else’s fancy. Go look around. During the cold months, I rock these cute leopard print earmuffs. Those are my babies!

Do you have any of these? Get them. You don’t need that giant trendy and almost garrish bag that is doing too much when you don’t even have a basic tote or clutch. If I see anymore of you women struggling in your jewelry stash with no basic studs I will slap you. I’m not playing this time!

Guest blogger Goldie Goldie is a Public Relations student interested in Fashion Publicity and Reporting. Find out more at


  1. Ebony` says:

    Yes! I definitely need some real diamond studs. I recieved a charmbracelet from Kay for Vday, so I’m working on getting some diamond studs from Kay for Mothers day. Or.. I can just splurge on myself…

  2. Darlene says:

    This is a good reminder, but i always lose mine or get bored with their look, will try these tips.

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