Accessorize Your Sexy: Part II


By Guest Blogger, Goldie


The last category I touched base about was Headgear. Hats, headbands, scarves and the like are a good way to keep that hair in place. It can take a simple hairstyle to a new level.

Now onto to my personal favorite: BELTS!!! There should be a few belts in your closet that can assist your outfit. One that always does the trick is a skinny belt, one that can be worn tight around your waist or fit into your belt loops of your low-waisted jeans. You can choose whatever color though a black or brown will have versatility. A thick, waist cinching belt is a miust have. You need it to show your waist, even in the most shapeless of dresses. You can give anything a sexy silhouette when you belt it up!

The last suggestion I’ll make on belts is something fun! A print or texture on a belt can make a simple outfit become just a bit more interesting or even a conversation piece.

An Alphanista makes sure to keep an air of mystery. We can’t be an open book or they won’t come back for seconds. Reel ’em in but keep them at the dock with a nice pair of shades. Don’t tell me you can’t find a good pair for you because almost any retailer that wants to sell their merchandise will have a mirror close by.Try a few on and see what size and style best fits the shape of you face, then go from there. For me, large framed way-fayers just won’t do but a rounded square will. Plus these will come in handy when you look tired or didn’t have enough time to beat that face (makeup term) before running an errand.

I hate to categorize shoes into accessories section because they should have a full blog of their own. I’ll attempt to keep it condensed for now. One should have a few conservative shoes. A black pair of closed toe, a nude closed toe, and a metallic strappy sandal. Those will go so far in anyone’s wardrobe, so if you’re in cahoots about what style shoe to wear with that new purchase think of those three choices I’ve just provided you . Can you put a strappy sandal next to that plum colored wrap dress? Yes, well then go get a pair because no matter what you spend on these staple pairs it will be money well spent. Those platform multicolored gladiator shoes don’t work with EVERYTHING so sweetheart you need to get the shoe that will. More bang for your buck!

Last is Makeup!

I know makeup isn’t technically an accessory but it’s about time some of you ladies saw it my way. If your outfit is done up and your face looks like a dry bland mess, who will want the product. Now mind you some women can and do get away with not wearing makeup but that simply cannot go for everyone. Everyone should have a few lipsticks to keep up with beauty’s trends. A black eyeliner, preferably kohl to rim those eyes and give the minimalist’s smoky look is another. You should have a good blush/bronzer because EVERYONE can benefit from a sunkissed glow. Also, a Body shimmer will do the trick every time. This will take your skin color to the next level. It looks good on collar bones, shins, bustline, shoulders, and arms.

You will be suprised how good you’ll look photographed with a little body shimmer in a color similar to your undertone. That’s all ladies. there are other things like watches, body piercings, and other randomalities that I’m sure we can all argue are imperative but those are staples for some, not all. Please take this list and develop a well-rounded wardrobe. How you apply this to your future purchases is up to you but along everyone’s creativity and interpretation there are standards that will solve many of our “what am I going to wear” problems.

Guest blogger Goldie Goldie is a Public Relations student interested in Fashion Publicity and Reporting. Find out more at

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