alphanistasolid is dedicated to the ALPHA FEMALES of the world– Anna Wintour, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Hillary Clinton, Kimora Lee Simmons, Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett Packard), Michelle Obama, Marilyn Monroe (it’s complicated, but yes), Margaret Thatcher, the late Benazir Bhutto, etc.–women who live life by their own rules, very few approved by Emily Post

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Started in 2008, Alphanista® helped thousands of women realize their potential and exceed their own limits.

Alphanista™ is the place where alpha females, the women who want be like them, and the men who love them come to gather.  It is the place where women glean and grasp what they need to know to enhance their lives, create new futures, reinvent, and refresh.

We offer an alpha female perspective to every approach, but with a twist.  It is okay not to be perfect or follow a set of rules to achieve success.  So many times, what you read is about how to be perfect, how to change yourself, when in reality life will always be a continuous process of change.

What you read may also teach you to be “good” and “right” at all times.  Alphanista embraces our dark side and advocates for the “whole” woman.  A woman who is unafraid to be “bad” and uses her “bad” to shed light on the areas of her life that need attention; a woman who wants to bring all parts of herself together, and not be one person today, and another tomorrow.

You can come here for fresh ideas on how to keep moving your life forward from where you are right now and focus on building a “home” inside of you instead of looking for it on the outside.  You’ll also find stuff to make you angry and laugh at the same time, and maybe even a little embarrassed. We love to pontificate about life on the blog.  We can’t take life too seriously!  Alphanista has a way of putting out there what you secretly think about.

Alphanista® is about taking risks, walking the path less traveled, and defining life on your own terms, making new rules all the way.


Who Is An “Alphanista”?

She’s probably the one at the table who has a different view point.  She appears quiet or reserved, but boy, wait till you get her going.  She blossoms.  She may be the one that lights up the room in an instant.  No introduction necessary.  The one you love to hate, but you just gotta know what she’s thinking. Conversations seem incomplete without her.  What would she do?  What would she say?  This is an Alphanista.  That may be you.

An Alphanista®:
1) Does not conform to mainstream or group thinking.  Period!
2) Does not believe in words like “desperate” and “feminism”.  These words are created by other women to control other women
3) Does not wait for answers, she uses her intuition as a guiding force

An Alphanista®:
1) Does believe in agreeing to disagree
2) Does believe in the different qualities of the sexes, and never touts them as one and the same
3) Does believe in bringing up religion and politics on the first date


How Can Alphanista® Help Me?

Are you in transition?  Ending one part of your life and starting another?  Are you on the cusp of some kind of greatness?  Recovering from depression?  Or stuck emotionally?  Alphanista has several new products in development and ebooks to help you enhance your life or start over from scratch.  This is not a cookie-cutter “just be great” point of view.  There are thousands of sites out there for that.  You didn’t come here for that.  You came for something fresh, exciting, challenging that may give you that feeling in your gut you haven’t felt in a while.

Don’t leave without signing up for our list and join the journey.


Maryann, Editor-at-large