Good Life: A Woman With Hobbies Is A Woman With Secrets

This is my shniit....
This is my shniit....

I wanted to take a more creative approach with this one.

Sure, there are women with great, fun hobbies like knitting, golfing, swimming, running, and others that are safe and make them feel productive.  When an alphanista chooses a hobby she usually has a motive.  It’s to add to her already building repertoire of excitement and mastery.

What she learns is what she plans to use at some point whether it is to outwit a group of gun enthusiasts with her precise knowledge of how a “magazine” works (and it has nothing to do with writers) or her sharp stick skills that she uses to stand out among the men and women the pool hall.

She may also take more risky hobbies, that no one else knows about.  She either did it to pay bills, research a book, or for a conversational piece for upcoming holiday parties.  Below is a brief list of “secret” hobbies,  but can apply to everyday folk. I’m sure there’s plenty more “secrets” to add:

Web Cam girl–For the girl who needs some extra cash and have lots of free time.  Not sure if this is an alpha move because she is always concerned about marrying a politician or becoming hi-profile herself and somebody will find out.  Nicole, an avid reader of this blog said, “I do it with my man and we have started a quiet business on the weekends.  My family thinks we are producing films on the weekend for charity.  We sure are!”

Gun Range girl–For the girl who doesn’t mind sitting around the table with a cool, freckled face, red haired chick named Marcy from upstate loading clips and busting off with a .22.  It’s not for the faint at heart or if you just broke up with someone.  It’s a secret because it’s not quite a point of introduction you want to make with a new love interest.  Good to save for second date, if he runs, wasn’t worth it anyway.  You want a man who is curious about life and not fearful about things he doesn’t understand.

Motorcycle girl–For the girl who wants to be unlike the rest of the girls.  Doreen, a subscriber to the blog told me, “My parents do not know I ride because they would go crazy sick with worry.  I ride with another woman who put me on to a motorcycle club.  It’s the most freeing experience I ever had and better than any orgasm I ever dreamed of.”

Well, then…your turn.


  1. mike says:

    Women who ride bikes are sexy as hell!! Its nothing like going down to Black Biker week in S.C. and seeing a dark skinned beauty with her thong ridin high with the Levi’s daisy dukes on, throwin up a wheelie on a Ducati! I love it!!

  2. LOL…you know me!!

    But anyway, there are TONS of fun and interesting things that women can do besides play mom, wife and maid 24 hours a day.

    Two great adult business that I recommend are:

    Passionan Parties

    Not for the prude, religious or faint of heart…

  3. Deidra says:

    LMAO @ THC Well, these are some “interesting ideas”. I have been to the gun range and simply enjoy the rush and mathematical precision of it all. I’m also a car enthusiast and can talk a man out of his money when it comes to who knows more about an engine or transmission. My daddy was an auto collector.

    Right now I am taking sommelier classes just to be that bitch at the business table that knows it all…lol.

  4. Oh the list can go on forever…

    Youtube Vlogger
    Fetish Photographer
    Porn videographer
    Porn actress
    Adult Toy reviewer (Great money)
    Adult Blogger
    Sex work advocate and columnist
    Voyeur participant

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