A Tale Of Vintage-Love…


By Guest Blogger, Goldie

In fashion you can either go forwards or backwards.

You’ll either see a futuristic style being introduced on the runway, or an imitation of the past. Forget the future! There is something exclusive about the past. If my parents can stay married since the 80’s, shouldn’t I be able to cherish things that lasted the test of time as well? And when I do wear a vintage piece, from clothing to accessories, I feel like I’ve been put on to some secret. People tend to stop and ask where I got such and such. I can only smile and say,”Vintage.”

Now I’m not a junkie, like Rachel Zoe. I’d NEVER spend $1000’s on a vintage gown when I know seamstresses who can sew the same item, for less than $100. I wouldn’t go “bananas” over a vintage piece and splurge splurge splurge. My best finds are well under $50 bucks. I can’t tell you where to find them because that requires knowledge one has to learn.

You can’t simply just be put on. I search thrift stores, vintage stores, and eBay for my babies. I once found a Oscar de la Renta Jumper for $30. I thought I was going to die. A leather miniskirt(I’m in my early 20’s) for $5. A leather jacket for $8. I could go on for days. I go to thrift stores for gorgeous jewelry that designers emulate and charge $100’s for, and I got them for less than $5.

You’ll certainly find statement pieces and cool dress shirts for work that were made with quality. Think about it. Some of these pieces are as old as you, if not older. Can you say that for H&M or Urban Outfitters? Even designer duds can be seen unraveling on the racks! YUCK!

Come on ladies. Quit spending your money on all these pieces that only endure a season, what a waste! Take a Saturday, pop a Claritin, and search the racks at your vintage spots and thrift stores. You’ll be surprised how similar the items are in style, but soooo different in price.

Guest blogger Goldie Goldie is a Public Relations student interested in Fashion Publicity and Reporting. Find out more at www.goldlabeler.com.


  1. ThatGirlDer says:

    Great piece. I wish ladies weren’t so afraid of vintage. VERY different from thrift. I think they get the two confused.

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