A Man Should Love A Woman A Bit More Than She Loves Him

Pam and Tommy
Pam and Tommy

Tommy Lee is just sick in love with Pamela Anderson and always will be.

He’s beat up two of her ex husbands.  According to Wikipedia, “Anderson filed for divorce from Lee twice and reconciled with him twice, before the couple finally broke up for good.”  All the while, he never married again.  But they are still “friends”.  Same thing with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.  He just recently got remarried to a gal who looks like a young Demi Moore.  He couldn’t leave his ex-wife and Ashton alone and actually became part of their “family.”

Some women got it like that, while the masses of other women are, well, just being women.

One man told me, “If I love her more, I’d be apt to be more faithful.  I’d work harder at the relationship.  If she’s making it all about me and I know, I’m gonna take advantage.”

And he’s not a dog.  Which is usually something women jump to call men who disagree with them.  He’s just a man.  Because of their nature, at least what my old school women folk have told me, a man should love a woman more than she does him.  It doesn’t mean that the woman loves him less.  A woman will always a love her man, and that love will cause 99.9% of them to be faithful out of loyalty.  On another note, a man in love with his woman, would only be less likely to cheat by 50%. The rest of him would stay faithful because of a lack of options, opportunity, convenience and time. If he loves her more, the chances for him being faithful are greater no matter what.

A man’s nature is that of needing to be in control and conquer that which he can’t subdue.  The most powerful, alpha man, can be the most vulnerable man once he’s in love.  He’ll love his woman, more than himself at times.  She may never know it, but it’s how he feels.  He needs to feel this way.  He won’t necessarily feel she loves him less, because a woman’s love is wide and expansive, no matter how small.  Who can measure the love between two people?  It’s foolish to think someone loves you as much as you love them.  There are little fragments of differences that pertain to situations, circumstances and other variables you can’t measure.  And you know what?  That’s ok.  I certainly wouldn’t want to know HOW MUCH by cup size does my man loves me.  So, I can complain that it’s not enough?  This is most women’s main complaint. It’s best to leave well enough alone in that case.  Actions tell about ¾ of the story of love, the rest is said in silence.

Finding a man who loves you more is not something you can start today.  You have to start by loving yourself more, than anybody else, yes, even your man.  In turn, he’ll respond, by wanting to be a part of that.  Whether he loves you more, well, you may never know for sure, but some women do.


  1. david says:

    As a man, I would never marry a woman if it were obvious that I cared more for the relationship than she did. Women marry up, men marry down. If a woman isnt convinced she married a man above her means, it isnt going to work, period. If more men would realize this maybe the American divorce rate wouldnt be so high…

  2. Alec says:

    Actually, if a man knows you are unforgiving, and will leave him if you are not treated with respect, then if he loves you more, he will do anything to keep you. That means remaining faithful OR doing everything he can for you to not find out:-).

    Men understand the concept of Risk. Men make investments in women and often want a return on that investment. Therefore, if the value of losing a woman can be recouped by getting another woman, then a man will take the risk of cheating, However, if the value of that woman can not be recouped; then loosing her would be a loss. Hence, a man will work to keep her; because loving her more makes for a situation where he has to have her, and he dosn\’t want anyone else to have her. Consequently, in order to sustain hs appreciating investment he will focus on her and not cheat. Most men who have take the risk and cheated on women who they loved more, never get over the loss. Even when they are married to someone else. Perfect example is Frank Sinatra and Eva Gardner. She was the love of his life which he never got over , and tried to get back with her for years after she left him. He never got over her.

  3. guest questioner says:

    But i tried and it never happened to me, I feel very bad but don’t you think that will put me in a very difficult situation to deal with the ups and downs of a relationship if i dont have the fuel to keep it going, which is love in this case? I think its for certain reasons i am not loving this guy no matter how much he dedicates himself to me and don’t you think those differences/reasons are going to grow 10 times bigger and start creating more problems? what if someday i meet someone that i could love? but i may not find a love like his.

    i’m 30 btw and i want to love am much as i’m loved. i’m just wondering if women could be happy marrying someone they don’t love just because he loved them dearly.

  4. anony says:


    YES, depending on your age and if love/marriage/partnership is a priority then it is ok. Many countries in the world have successful marriages without the two being “in love”. Love is a feeling. It can appear, disappear, grow, change. You can learn to love. And a man loving you so dearly is much more important. Learn to receive.

  5. guest questioner says:

    should a woman decide to marry a man who loves her with all his heart and soul(and waited for the last 12 years) but she still doesn’t ?

  6. Loving a bottom B says:

    Very good article and I agree with the article. Moreover women should look for a man that love them more then she love him. He will naturally treat her better as well as treat her like his queen, be more loyal, respectful and willing do the work required to make the relationship work. Nevertheless, in my view or in my world I want or prefer it the other way around. Ive had it that way before and I think things worked better that way for me. However that is me and I feel I know what works for me.

  7. Nikki says:

    Men and women are different. The equivalent of a man’s love is only half of woman’s. He needs more. Thankfully I don’t have that problem and know that I am loved “a bit more”.

  8. Maryann says:

    It depends on the man but I know that loving a man more than he loves you is a bad sign all around. We can never know how much one loves us. In the meantime, we just have to believe and give love.

  9. Brian says:

    It doesn’t matter how much he loves you – if a man has access and oppurtunity, he will cheat.

    Those that won’t – maybe they are better men – or they lack the two variables.

  10. Ms. Tee says:

    Is monogamy or “not cheating’ the barometer for gauging the depth of love?

    Your article states a man who loves you more will be faithful. I consider other expressions of love like provision and support to be more important indicators of sincere love than fidelity.

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