A TopCoat Is Too Sexy For Words

But I have words. On the Q train Friday evening I couldn’t help but notice or salivate at the handsome men in topcoats. They’re coats, but not really. Called “overcoats” sometimes. They go best with suits. It has a sort of vintage-y 1940s-1950 “Mad Men” type of appeal to it. It’s also very masculine. It says that you don’t need a damn coat and a topcoat will suit just fine thank you. And women can’t wear topcoats.

Here are some tips when buying your topcoat and for the ladies, looking for a nice topcoat for her man.

1. Make sure it isn’t too big, a topcoat should fit close to the body, but be loose enough to move in. It also should be right above the knee.

2. Tan and navy are preferred colors. I especially have an affinity for a man in tan/camel anything. I love a man in a nice tan topcoat. Everybody has something in black. Most women like a man of distinction.

3. Go for cashmere, wool and camel hair blends.

4. Stick to a single breasted top coat, more than that is too much coat and if you are already a little boxy, you’re just gonna look fat. Not good for fertile females scouting for good genes.

5. It’s okay to wear it w/jeans and not just an Armani suit.

So, there now go buy and make me happy (or your sweetie).

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