A Man CAN Be In Love With 2 Women…

It Happens....
It Happens....

Read on NecoleBitchie this morning that Lil Kim finally went to see the Notorious movie.  She’s upset that she was portrayed as a “jump-off” and demands that she was more.

I believe that she was more.  That she was portrayed that way because they wanted to save Biggie’s character and not make it seem like he was in love with two women.  When in fact, a man can easily love two women–his wife and another.  Perhaps, if they had shown that it would have made folks, especially women, too uncomfortable.

But love is interchangeable.  You can love someone with every fiber of your being, then something happens, it changes, and you can love someone else, perhaps with varying degrees, but still love.   Do you have to do anything about it?  Nah.  Some may divorce, Biggie stayed married.  However, who knows what would’ve happened if he lived between he and Kim.  Everything happened all too fast for Biggie, all he needed was time.

Just my two cents….


  1. Tanisha says:

    It’s possible for a man to love two women. notice I said love and not “in love”. love and in love is two different things. A man can love one woman for a reason he doesn’t love the other woman. She may do things that the other woman doesn’t and vice versa. truthfully it doesn’t just go for men but women as well. I believe one person can not give you everything you want. like for example… you can connect with a person on a sexual level but thats it… someone else you can connect with on a more spiritual, mental and emotional level and that is the reason you love that person. Yes you can love a person because they give you good sex. and you can love a person on a non sexual level. It sounds crazy but it happens. that spiritual and emotional connection may be all good but when it comes to sex with that person, they don’t fulfill you and make you feel the way you want to feel.

  2. Toy says:

    There are different forms of love, as in the biblical sense. IMO,if you allow two different mates to occupy your heart at the same time, you are not in love at all. Being in love is such an overwelming feeling and experience, that I feel it cannot be shared in that way. I’ve been told that the feeling of being in love with two people later turned out to be just infatuation…

  3. SUB"VERSE"SIVE says:

    peace and love …LOVE IS LUV JUST IN TWO FORMS!

    all men love more than one woman.its in our make-up and nurturing.we love our mothers first and foremost.after that maybe a sister. then as we mature we take the love from our mothers and share it with others.some stay momma boys and the rest..continue to love more than one woman.we never care about anyone more than our mothers.see big on the phone in the movie,praying with moms,hitting kim,made tiana and dug in faith.mom wants full respect.kim wanted that popular dick,tiana moms wanted her dude and she was his best before rap.and faith wanted the status and ring.remember faith aint want no trouble?then kim got played at the studio.tianas moms was at faiths crib like…tell big to take care of his seed.he loved them all!!

    i ask all humans female and male…do you still think about a past love while in love? or ran into an ex’s family and said.tell them i still love them .you loving two people at once..to me!
    we give each person the same things.our time,feelings and body.yet still willing an able to love the next or another.

    kim was not portrayed correct at all.her music aint her.yet it displays her feelings..remember the stage scene with her rapping at big!she let him know what was the deal.faith had him buggin over 2pac.and tiana got the love her moms was never gonna get from him.his moms wanted her son to stay “her”son.this movie was for those who heard of big.not knew him and the badboy movement.he is an icon an they must protect that.

    just like seats in a movie..they all have a different view,of the same screen…

    i want to think big loved himself first..yet i dont think he love himself first.so how could he show a soul love!?

    the question to me is .do we want two women or does it take two to feel loved…aint no one loving anyone if they sharing it with another!

    did a king love his wife? or his concubines.does a pimp love a woman or his bottom b? did he love yall? or show yall what you took to be love?

  4. Brian says:

    Lil Kim hates Faith because she was on the business end of that hotel beatdown in the movie. They showed a random white chick in the movie – but in Faith’s book, she said she beat Kim like she stole something.

    Humans are complex beings and men and women can love more than one person at the same time. While its true you always have a “little more” love for the main one, there are still people in your life that you will never get over. And although we don’t like the word – it is cheating. But you are not cheating on the two – you are cheating on yourself by not allowing yourself to be truly immersed in the ONE.

  5. Ablackmanx says:

    I won’t pretend there is wholesale agreement about what LOVE really means and is. But I am not aware of there being any “mechanism” within a man’s capacity to love that autonomically precludes his being able to fall in love with a second woman because he has already fallen for a first woman.

    And, btw, can a WOMAN simultaneously love +2 men?

  6. Kisha says:

    Well she was portrayed as a jump off,but sh*t by the way she has portrayed herself and her lyrics its kind of hard not to believe she wasnt a jump off? Lol..Thats like not believing kanye’s new cd 808 and heartbreaks isnt about the chick who broke his heart.

  7. Darling says:

    wow, all of these comments are great, and by sherry’s example it is true that a man can love two women call it cheating or whatever but shit does happen that we dont like what YOU love in your man another woman CAN love too, and giving him more women to fall in love with LOL

  8. Loving a bottom B says:

    In my view Kim was his Bottom B and he knew that. So no matter if he was with other females or not he was going to always be with her.

  9. Sherryberry says:

    Ok, I am going to be honest here. I agree that a man can be in love with two women at the same time : I know this because I was in such relationship- nobody was married, all three of us were single. However, as much as he loved me, I loved me more and broke it off with him because if he had a choice, we would all still be in the same situation today. Part of me realizes that as many women a man can have, there is one true woman that has his heart a little bit more than the others- I realized that I wasn’t the one who had his heart more and removed myself from the situation; soon after I stopped seeing him, he broke it off with the other girl. To this day I think he respected me more than the other girl because I decided to stop compromising my integrity, got a back bone and raised my standards.

    Now, for Lil Kim, oh have mercy Jesus! I feel so bad for her, she is so confused to me. Yes BIG probably loved her from what he knew of what love was, but Kim didn’t love herself enough to get out of a relationship that has obviously wrecked her self esteem to this day. I liked BIG and all but if you listen to a lot of his lyrics, he wasn’t the most sensitive, caring man. I think he did the best he could with the situations he put himself in but I think he was also, a lost and confused soul who had a gift.

    I don’t think Kim will ever get over BIG, she is too caught up in the MATRIX and what she thinks they had together. She kind of reminds me of an abused dog, the more it gets beat, the more it loves the owner. I don’t think Kim will ever have a lasting, loving relationship with a man until she comes to terms with herself and the wrong decisions she’s made in her life
    ( multiple plastic surgeries, mediocre albums, umm… felony charges) and stop blaming people like Ms.Wallace for them. BTW, why is Faith such an enemy to her… I don’t think she ever did anything to Kim directly besides marry the man she loved. Basically, no man can really fall in love with a hot mess like Kim, yes there might be some deep feelings and infatuation and good sex- but true love develops over time and unfortunately, Big’s time was cut too short to really find out who he truly loved.

  10. Zabeth says:

    Perhaps it is possible for a man to love two women at once- or maybe it’s an excuse to have your cake and eat it too. But, I don’t think Biggie loved either one of them. He was unfaithful on many levels and abusive. That’s not love to any degree.

  11. CB says:

    A man being in love with two women at the same time is called cheating. PERIOD! Yes, a man can love two different women two different ways, but not be IN LOVE with them both without hurting someone’s feelings. For instance, my boyfriend still loves his sons mother (for giving him a child), but he also loves me. Of course his love for us both is very different because while he loves his child’s mother he is no longer in love with her, he is in love with me. However, if a man proclaims to be in love with two different women, I’m sure they don’t know about one another and that he has had to tell a lie or two (or 20) in order for the women to keep loving him back. So no matter how you twist it, a man being IN LOVE WITH two different women at the same time is called cheating! Which is exactly what Biggie did.

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