A Brief Guide to Self-Care

womanwithfoodLet’s start with food.

If you work 9-5, how do you feed yourself during the week?  Coming home to good, wholesome meals make the days go by faster and make them just a bit sweeter.  But how can you cram all that in with just a few hours a night to yourself after a long day?

You plan ahead!  Here are some tips below.

1)  Cook an extra meal you can freeze on every other Sunday.  This meal may be taken to lunch or eaten for dinner days or weeks later.  Best foods to make and freeze are pastas, and Mexican foods like enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, etc.

2)  Invest in plastic wrap and parchment paper to go with foil.  These tools will help you safely freeze food for later consumption.

3) Cook brown rice a few days in advance, like Sunday.  And fill in with fresh foods–meats, veggies or both during the week.  By Tuesday, Wed, cook some more rice or a completely new dish.

4)  Go to Costcos, BJs, Trader Joe’s and stock on those frozen sides like:  asparagus, spring rolls, sweet potato fries, potatos au gratin, etc.  Then all you have to do is make a main.

5) Buy a whole precooked chicken and make sandwiches for lunch and dinners through the week.

Treat yourself to takeout on Fridays and weekends.  You’ll feel much better doing this after a full week of self care.  Reward yourself!

Extra tip: You also may opt for prepackaged foods and health programs like Medifast.


  1. ThatOne says:

    You know funny thing is I do not see BW bring a lot of food to work, and when they do the white women are always curious and staring. Why’s that? I always see women who bring food to work and back their bags as being more “together” and I’m jealous. I’ll take my behind to the pizzeria before I spend the time to pack a lunch.

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