8 Things Your White Man Can Do For You Part I

steak tartare

by Michaela Cunningham

I know this isn’t a very popular topic in some quarters.

Thankfully I’m not in a popularity contest so I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there. Ladies, if dating Black men isn’t working for you, get some sense and start fishing in another dating pond. A White pond is a great place to start. I suggest you go fishing and get yours.

I can just sense a collective group of Black women raising up to hit me with stones, their panties all in a bunch because they think I just spoke blasphemy. You shriek, “What the hell can a White man do for me?!” Well, fall back, and hold on to your stone. Pull that wedgie out of your brain, and I’ll tell you.

(1)   Give you a different frame of reference – his. If you step outside your very narrow front door you’ll find there’s a big ole world out there full of different ethnicities and cultures. Your White man will broaden your perspectives on life, love, and people because you’ll see the world through something other than chocolate-colored shades. Shucks, your White man will help you expand your appetite and wake up your taste buds. Creamed beef on toast points for breakfast, anyone? Steak tartare? It’s what’s for dinner.
(2)   Cut you a slice of the American pie. Let’s face it; your White man can get you into anything ranging from the best neighborhood to the best table at a restaurant – and with minimal effort. Wise up. Recognize that guilt isn’t the only thing that can be gained from association.
(3)   Provide you with multiple advantages. Think about it: Your White man’s advantages become your advantages. Yeah, yeah. Who said life was fair? We already know it isn’t, but why live the life of a victim? Instead of whining about it, get with your White man and leverage it.
(4)   Release you from your small-mindedness. Deliver me from Black women who ignorantly say “I have to be with a Black man because I have to have someone who can relate to me and understand me.” Huh??? Look around. The world is full of Black people who can “relate” to you and “understand” you. You can provide the same service for them. Open up your mind and think about what you’re really saying. Are you so limited that an individual of only one race can know and understand you? Really?

Stay tuned for PT II.

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  1. Smithsonian Guggenheim says:

    But I don’t date just white men I date all races because I don’t like limits when it comes to my happiness.

  2. Smithsonian Guggenheim says:

    I love it! I’ve been working on my cousin & friends to wise up for years…While they’re still processing it I’m living the life of happiness w/my White man!

  3. Emma says:

    Everytime I stop by there is always something to make a girl think. I mean, wow. I’m a white woman and I can attest to this but I have also experienced this with black men.

  4. james dean says:

    You need to be white to get the best table? Please tell me this in tongue in cheek! Cute. LOL

  5. TBSTInc says:

    Even beyond the ‘tude in this article I really respect the writer’s perspective and believe she is right. It can be ANY man that can enhance what you have not distract.

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