5 Ways To RENEW Your Relationship

Rihanna, darling, you don't need to go from guy to guy to get that "new" feeling

A good relationship is supposed to be a place where you come to rest, and have a peace of mind.  But that rarely happens.

All kinds of emotions and feelings demand attention, and they demand it now.  It sucks the life of of your relationship like a vaccuum.  Granted, you have problems and you want to solve them together.  A peaceful home does not mean there are NO problems.  Relationships like our bodies need cleansing, renewal and refreshment.  It doesn’t mean cutting folks out or running to the next person.  After you and your partner make clear boundaries about what you will accept and won’t, you need to give each other space to rest there.  You need to “Let things develop”.  You shouldn’t want your partner to be good for YOU, but be good for HIM.  That is the only way the good will last.

Below are some ways to get that new feeling back if your relationship is being weighted down:

1–Foot bath–Suprise your man with a luxurious foot bath with nicely scented oils.  Cleanse and massage his feet.  Give him direct eye contact.  Let him know that you care about him with or without words.

2–Get naked–Every now and then you two should get unclothed!  Set a date and time for regularity. Not for sex, but just as a symbolic gesture that everything is out in the open, any rolls, cellulite, hairy places, pimples, and marks are to be seen.  And loved.  If you are ashamed of being “seen”, what else are you hiding?

3–Fast–Find a fast you can both do.  Shop for what you need together.  Set an intention, and support each other in seeing it through.  Fast for more than a day, like 2-3 (unless you are pros you can go longer).  Set certain readings and relaxation to ensure bonding.

4–Learn–Find something you both know nothing about, and learn it together.

5–Pray–Make nightly devotionals a part of your bedtime routines.  Many of them have talking points to facilitate more bonding and discussion.

Every relationship reaches its bumps in the road.  Renewal, renews.

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