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5 Things To Do Before You Meet Your Alpha

Your alpha will have high expectations simply because you have high expectations of him.

He meets them, and expects the same.  He’s not unreasonable and definitely doesn’t care if your bra and panties match or if you missed a pedicure or two.  They are not typical men caught up on detail and emotional ramblings about things.  However, alpha males love order, and appreciate structure, especially in the home.  They admire it and recognize it.

The below are some suggestions to establish order around your home.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, but a good weekend start:

1.  Clean out your refrigerator

Nothing worse than a man opening your fridge and seeing weeks old butter, Chinese takeout, and spill marks all over the place, get it right!

2.  Stock up on condoms, lubricants, candles, incense

Anything you need to practice safe sex, do not wait for the last minute or expect him to bring it, it’s your body.  Your alpha male will see this as tactful and logical behavior, not judgmental.  Candles and incense create ambiance and a relaxing mood for your alpha.

3.  Clean and wipe your bathroom sink and toilet bowl down every morning

Doing the quick 30 second wipe down before a guest comes over should not be protocol.  Where they ask you to use the bathroom and you tell them to wait.  You can do this as you brush your teeth in the morning.  It will take 2 minutes.   It only takes longer if you leave it for weeks and do it all at once.

4.   Stock up on beer, wine, lemonade

Consider what your alpha would like–is he a beer person or a wine man?  Is he strictly cognac?  Or does he prefer a green drink?  Whatever it is stock up.  I have Guinness, Henny, and Grand Marnier.

5.  Fix your bedroom up

Simply because nothing says “dried up spinster” like a bare bedroom, that is bland, has 1 pillow, and 1 nightstand, dark, ugly sheets.   Buy extra pillows, 2 nightstands, and make your room ready for a couple, not just you!

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  1. DawleyPardon says:

    @ The Hooker Chronicles… please have a NSFW warning…LOL I clicked on your site and didn’t expect to see what I saw, LOL

  2. Sunny S. says:

    Too many of us want want want and are not willing to do the work to get there to prepare a place for our want. This not only applies to a man but everything. If your toilet is dirty so is your mind with litter of issues!

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