5 Reasons To Talk To His Ex


Last week there was a post asking if you should talk to your man’s ex or not.  I received tons of email feedback and the post was emailed to friends.  Women wondered what was the point?

Besides, the obvious I stated in the post, let me give you the breakdown.  There is no need to make your man’s ex-girlfriend enemy #1.  Ideally, they have been broken up for over a year, she lives far, and has moved on with her life.  You don’t have to love her, but you don’t have to hate her either.  Below are some reasons you need to get to know her:

–She has valuable information on your man, things you probably have not experienced and don’t know that can give you insight to his “issues”

–She is the last person he wants you to know, even more reason to find out what is hidden

–She may be your biggest witness if you should ever show up missing

–She is the ex, there is no reason to be threatened, acting small makes you look small

–She makes you look good, if your man has kids with her, he’s gonna NEED you to mediate and do it well, it’ll make you indispensable, that’s a win-win for everybody

I just don’t know what else to stress about this. An alpha female is not gonna spend time pining over an ex, or hating someone she doesn’t know, or acting all emotionally imbalanced because your man had a life before you.  Unless he was the Vatican, you have the expect him to have a past.  Deal with it.

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