5 Reasons To Stay Home This Weekend

"I'm doing #4, where is he?!"

Last Friday night on Twitter, I told folks to “stop wishing they were somewhere else”.

Stop forcing yourself to go out and be “a part of…”  Especially, women. There’s always that feeling that “tonight” could be the big night you meet “him” or you feel you are missing out on a major event not to come back around for the next 15 years.  Just to realize that event happens every last Saturday of the month!

Forcing yourself to go out and coming home disappointed is not cute.  Go, because you want to, not need to.  There’s nothing wrong with cultivating solitude.  Solitude is only a brief moment of your life.  Make friends with it because the longer you run away from it, the more it will find you.

Here are 5 reasons to stay home:

1)  Detox

Most detox programs only need a weekend to work.  You can do a 3 day  Master Cleanse from Friday-Sunday, or a weekend Milk Thistle colon cleanser.  Visit your local healthfood store.  Don’t make any plans that weekend though.  By Sunday, you’ll feel refreshed, lighter, and clean.

2) Sex

Got a man?  Got somebody?  Nothing like rainy or snowy weekends in bed.  With a pitcher or bottle of your favorite truth serum near by.  Leave the shades down.  Be oblivious to time, and just use (yes, I said use!) each other’s bodies for sustenance.

3) Meditation

Need a break?  Then come up with your own form of meditation for the weekend.  Meditation is not just sitting in one place for 10 minutes in silence.  It can be a weekend of no-phone-no-talk or even more drastic, no internet.  Use this time to reflect, pray, do a 9-hour Storm novena, and think every little.  It’s not a time to concoct or draw up new life plans, but to be open, and listen.

4) Food

Man, oh man, I love this one.  On Thurs eve, buy your favorite foods, drinks, or dessert.  Maybe it’s pizza, magaritas, or something else fun.  Leave your diet behind, and let your body tell you what it craves, then eat it.  Everyone needs a break from the books.  However, if you prefer to cook, find a few recipes, and experiment this weekend.  Baking is always ideal, buy ingredients on Friday, bake Saturday, share on Sunday.

5) Money

Save that change! Staying home on a weekend can save you tens or hundreds of dollars in entertainment.  BUT how about making money online this weekend?  This can be the weekend you start your blog, sell an item on ebay, or your services on Craigslist.  Get it done!

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  1. K Sarite says:

    I’m right ther with HipHopMuse and Maryann too…I love my homebody nature. Although life/hobbies keep me out a lot I cherish my solitude.

  2. Aisha says:

    You’re so right, I have to come to peace in my mind that I’m not necessarily missing out on anything by not going out.Ironically when I was going out a lot I met a bunch of cool new people but my station in life hasn’t changed too much. I see it starting to change now slowly and I’ve been keeping it home of all places lately. Sometimes the best things and resources you can find are at home or not too far from it.

  3. hiphopmuse says:

    I love this. I’m a homebody by nature, staying home on the weekend is my favorite thing to do after a long, busy week. Sometimes I hate going out on weekends because everywhere you go is so crowded. I’d rather keep my parking space and nest 🙂

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