5 Tips To Find A Job In Your Bathrobe

Sometimes, actions speaks louder than wordsYes, a job.

These days with the choices of online job sites and search strategies, you have to be careful where you look. Finding a job through word of mouth makes sense, but what if you don’t know anyone? What if you live in Iowa’s back country? Your only access to the real job world is through a computer.

Below are some quick tips to get you moving:

1) Join sites like Beyond.com Career Network that allow you to search multiple job openings at once. We all know about Monster, Careerbuilder, and Hotjobs, but there are several others just as good that have jobs you won’t find on other saturated sites.

2) Set up a voicemail that is just for calls from employers. That way, you are not picking up the phone when you are in the middle of traffic or have an ole Biggie classic playing on the answering machine in case you miss it. But really, even if your home is quiet enough and professional enough to receive calls. It’s always good to check your other voicemail and know when you get that signal that jobs are waiting for you.

3) Sign up with a resume submission service like Resume Rabbit that will send you resume to various sites. This will save you time and plenty of headaches! I get stire crazy sometimes doing multiple submissions and have made careless mistaks.

4) Beware of certain ads on Craigslist that do not list employer info or details. There are ads from spammers who create fake job posts to collect data on people. Think twice before replying to ads from general email sites like gmail and aol.

5) Look on Mondays and Fridays. Most new jobs are posted online on these days. It does matter if you are the 5th or the 100th resumethey receive. Be on top.

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