3 Reasons Why Letterman Is Good For Women

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By Guest Blogger “Ms. T. Joy”

Tired of hearing women get depicted as victims in this case.

I know someone is going to drag one of those poor ladies away from her vacation in Greece and convince her to sue him for sexual harassment.  Whether or not she had sex with him.  My question is this: Why can’t men and women *uck in the work place?  Why can’t grown women make their own minds up whether they want to give it to the boss?  If they do, and make others uncomfortable, so what?  As long as it is kept between that man and women shouldn’t be a problem.  Okay, so what about the imaginary women that were passed over for promotion?  Well, I say to them, that’s life.  Work a little harder.

Here are my 3 reasons:

1) He makes women feel like women again at work, instead of like asexual robots.  I want a man to look at me wherever I go, and especially if he is a millionaire making cat-daddy like Dave.  Heeeey!

2)  He reminds us that we are waaay better than men, and far luckier too.  I know Tang in the mailroom is pissed Dave didn’t ask him for some!

3)  He actually likes women!  Now, how many straight men do you know in the entertainment biz?

Well, those are my two cents.  I look forward to this whole thing getting blown out of proportion into some new women’s movement.  You know, sometimes, I wish I lived in France!

Guest Blogger “Ms.  T. Joy” prefers not to reveal her identity for fear of losing a lot of friends at work.  She lives in Long Island, NY.

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  1. zabeth says:

    Those 3 reasons aren’t very strong to me but, I still see what you’re saying but here’s the problem I have:

    “Okay, so what about the imaginary women that were passed over for promotion? Well, I say to them, that’s life. Work a little harder.”

    Even if I worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week doing a smash up job for the company can really compete with the woman in the office next to me sleeping with the boss? Probably not. So does that mean that I have to sleep with the boss too in order to get promoted? I doubt there are few imaginary women in this circumstance; as BB said, sexual harassment laws exist for a reason- because there was a precedent.

  2. Renee says:

    “Okay, so what about the imaginary women that were passed over for promotion? Well, I say to them, that’s life. Work a little harder.”

    Well said! Bravo!! *stands and cheers*

  3. missing_pieces says:

    Ms.T Joy, I was only surprised by David Lettermen’s admitting he had cut-buddies interns @ his show cuz that actually means somebody actually found him sexy and slept with him- he is not really a attractive man IMHO.

    I honestly don’t see what the big deal is about this whole situation to begin with. The women in question were interns in college so there is no statutory rape problems there, they were most likely over 18. Some people need to realize that the Entertainment Industry really is a playground for men (and women) to make lascivious, sexual propositions in exchange for promotions, monetary or um, position (no pun intended).

    I actually saw some of this first hand when I was an intern @ a local TV station. My boss didn’t hit on me (thank God, I so didn’t want him either) but he went after other college age women like a dog on a steak- ridiculous and nobody told nothing- including me. If you are seen as a rat then you are done in this industry, if people feel they can’t let it all hang out after the cameras are off with you there- it’s a wrap for you.

    The only advice I can give for young women (and sometimes men) is to stay focused on your job/career and set strong but not aggressive boundaries with people, that is everyone from fellow interns, floor managers, producers, writers- the list goes on. I don’t mean to sound like I’m victimizing women but men will be men and some of them will use their powerful positions in the industry to try to get you in plenty of horizontal/vertical positions. I agree with the post- if you feel like it’s the right thing for you to do, well go on and shake what yo’ mamma gave ya. I understand ish happens and grown folk gonna’ do what they do.
    I know there are people who will allow themselves to be used as pleasure holes to get to any high rank in the Film/Music industry and that’s just how it is- no matter if they are actually attracted to the person or not. I’m not judging but that’s just not what I’m about.

    I think he should stop apologizing for doing what happens all throughout world history, a powerful man using his charm and position to get young chicks: hello, Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky anyone?

  4. BB says:

    I think you are right… kind of. These women don’t appear to be victims. Seems consentual all the way. But, if it weren’t consentual, would we know the difference? Probably not, right?

    How do we separate the victim from the vixen? Don’t forget that sexual harrassment rules exist lessen the very real risk of office coersion and even rape. The rules are there because there were actual victims… Double edged sword. In a perfect world, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with ____ing in the office.

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