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10 Ways To Make A Man Submit

We all know him.  His wife or girl is the center of his universe.  He doesn’t eat, drink, sleep or walk without her approval.  Sex is totally dominated by her as she gleefully instructs him on how to smack, flip and rub it down.  At the end, he’s mush, curling up next to her like a pet.

Who is this woman?  Her man is not a nerd, a scrub, or handicapped in any way.  He is fine and he can be you next door neighbor.  In fact, some men like this.  Below are 10 tips to make him submit (or at least try:) :

1.    Give him sex on a schedule.  Whether it’s 7 nights a week or 3 nights a week.  A schedule allows him, like a child, to have some treat to look forward to, he will perform accordingly during the day to get his treat, and if he’s been a bad boy, he won’t get any.  Sex at 10pm may not happen, tonight, but he can work hard for sex at 10pm tomorrow.

2.    Slap him on his ass every now and then.  It’s an endearing, sort of subliminal message of dominance you give to your partner.  Your gestures should reflect who’s in charge at all times.

3.    Feed him only small portions at dinner.  Make sure his plate is always smaller than yours.  It is symbolic of his inadequacy.

4.    Praise him in front of family and friends so he becomes totally dependent on your approval and acceptance.  Get them on your side.

5.    Bond with him through mimicking his own gestures and favorite words.  This will build a sense of trust in him for you.  He’ll believe you and him are one.

6.    Bless the horn till the cows come home.  Threaten to stop if he lets out any squirms or sounds.  This will teach him self control.

7.    Teach him all the domestic duties including cleaning, shopping and washing.  That’s his job and he better juggle it well.

8.    Convince him repeatedly that he is crazy.  Even suggest he “talk” to someone.  This will make him always unsure of his thoughts that “you are a crazy bitch”.  Confusion is one of the best methods of controlling others.

9.    Give him the keys to the car only with a written request. There are 1 set of keys for each, 2 cars, and they are both at your disposal.  He must give a thoughtfully written request, brief because you don’t have all day, to ask for car keys that lists day, time, and destination.  Emails are acceptable.

10.    Change the locks every now and then.  It’s important that he never feels completely secure and comfortable with you.  When he comes home from work jolly and merry, and can’t get in, he’ll rethink what he could have done, maybe apologize for God knows what, and after a crazy series of calls to your celly, you can let him in.  Never apologize you just “forgot” to tell him.  He’ll understand.

That’s all..for now.


  1. cole says:

    thats narcisicism and utter stupidity for insecure females only. A real woman knows her place beside her husband. There is whats called mutual understanding not “control” . Any woman who desires to control her man and vise versa has severe mental insecurities and fears equality .

  2. Marie Ann says:

    Well, I here are some more ways to show him who’s the boss that I use::
    – Always make him walk behind you in the street. You decide where to go, not him.
    – Use him as a shopping boy and let him carry al the things you buy (walking behind you of course). This is all the more fun when you go shopping with a female friend.
    – Don’t allow him to pee standing. He has to sit. And he has to leave the door ajar so you can control if he complies.
    – Let him hand over his pay check to you (on his knees of course). Allow him to keep some money, but for all substantial expenses he must ask your prior approval.
    – Enough kids in the family? Then have him snipped. Let him take his responsibility.
    – Having female friends over for a drink? Let him serve the drinks, the ladies will enjoy it.
    I find dominating a man very easy; just be firm, show him clearly your the boss and you will be surprised how obedient modern men are to assertive women.

  3. Sam says:

    Why can’t being an alpha women articles, be taught as ways for women to empower themselves. Many ways to do this through education, getting a well-paid job, or taking on tasks/activities that require alot of responsibility. As a guy I think an independent women is attractive. Instead of focusing on trying to emasculate men and control, teach women about independence.

  4. P. Pnaggrels says:

    all your 10 steps sounds more like pervert narcissism than any way to “submission”, it’s highly destructive and manipulative in your relation, not to mention it also undermine any values and self respect for each others you would have taken a long time to build in your relationship.

    This is really wrong and bad advice, do this, only if you are a manipulative bitch and want to get rid of your partner.

  5. sara says:

    lmao, I’ve done most of these without even realizing. another thing to do is get him to beg during sex. it’s all fun so they never see it coming and men are too addicted with sex to refuse anything. it eventually changes their personallity outside the bedroom. also I’m really nice to them and I’m so beautiful so men are so weak for me. I do alot of other stuff too but I think it is wrong so I am trying to correct myself. men shouldn’t be treated like objects, in the long run it can only make the other person feel bad and lose dignity in themselves. at that point they are better off without you.

  6. jimbo says:

    what the? this is why men should not marry and most marriages end in divorce. The female starts using sex as a weapon to get her every whim and desire. A moderm marriage contract is a life ticket to slavery. Every married man will tell you this. I read stories on of men who had to buy their wives a luxury car just to get laid for a couple weeks. Other men are saying their wifes only have sex when they take them on extravegant vacations. When marriage meant a man had the right to have sex with a woman, men persued marriage. A man got pleasure and a woman got protection and provided for. It was desirable for men. Today men only get married because of threats to leave. With their arms twisted behind their backs they will claim they wanted to get married. Sure they did.

  7. Kokoa says:

    LUV THIS ONE. I know it is all in fun, but you have a number of men who deal with women like this on a daily basis. I especially think 1,2 & 10, will humble many of men and keep them a little submissive. Hell we women have been doing it for too long.

  8. cypher says:

    This is too hilarious! I can see me doing some of this stuff and my man will look at me like I drank the kool-aid! Especially if I tried to give him a smaller portion plate!

  9. Nukirk says:

    I think there’s a major difference between “submission” and “teach a lesson”. For a guy like… I dunno… Will Smith, this probably might be more of an annoyance. For a guy like… Robert Kelly, it’s needed.

    If someone did…

    #10 – to me, I won’t be there next year. It’s a waste of time for me to not be able to get in an apartment.
    #9 – it better be HER car that I’m asking written permission for.
    #8 – I’m already crazy. That’s not going to work.
    #7 – I’m already agreed to this. You’re just looking for drama.
    #6 – Blast the horns? What the deuce?
    #5 – I fell for that one before… we are two individuals & that’s going to be hella annoying if you do it to often.
    #4 – It’s going to be a LONG time before you get to see my family.
    #3 – In order to eat smaller than me, you’ll need to give me a carrot stick and water. 6 times a day. I already eat in small portions, what is your point here?
    #2 – You can do it as long as it’s an inside joke.
    #1 – That’s okay. I’m a bit too busy and planning events seems like fun. 🙂 So, what time should I come over again?

    *laughs* I know it’s all fun and games at the end. I like to not being the one who always gotta dominate. It’s nice to switch up and play that type of role with your partners. 🙂

  10. Loving a bottom B says:

    Funniest post you have ever posted, furthermore, one of the funniest things I have ever read. Hey I know there are guys out there that need to be lead by women to be functional or that like to submit to their women. If a women finds a man who will submit to her well more power to her. LMAO this is too funny to me personally. This remind me about a recent conversation a had with a female about cooking. She suggested I cook for her first and I looked at her like she was crazy. I told her although I have cooked for females and have no issues with cooking but it wasn’t until after they did their thing for me. Only one person can sit at the throne and their can only be one king. Yes we will share power but my word reigns supreme when it matters. There are a lot of soft men out there but I know I never have and never will be that guy. Whatever floats people boats.

  11. Linda says:


  12. Macy says:

    I know this was done in jest but these are SOME of the same tactics men use on women, thanks for sharing this. (BTW I like #1, 9 ESPECIALLY)

  13. S. Stuggers says:

    This is hilar–ious! 1, 6, 9…wow. I think my uncle is like this because his wife got a serious regulation on that, neva stressed.

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