Weekend Rewind: 10 Tips To Find A Man Without Leaving The House

"yes, yes, yes!....."

This is an oldie, but goodie.  Most of us know how to do it outside the house.

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, this little list may come in handy for those of you who want a relationship.  To the others “under construction” or just waiting that’s cool, too, as long as you honor your yeses and nos.  Don’t be two sided about stuff, nothing ever happens then.

Fellas you can apply this, too, minus #9!  Enjoy.

When an an alpha female decides it’s time for a committed relationship nothing will stop her.

Not even a recession. If a relationship is her focus, she will go to the depths of the earth to make that pop.  She’s not used to having a half-plate, she wants the entire 4 courses of life—fulfilling health, wealth, self expression, and love.   It’s called the square of life, when everything is in its place.

She’s not like other women who are resigned to see their lives go by and dreams for a family wither as their eggs wonder “what the hell is going on out there?”  Yes, I said eggs.  That is a woman’s creative life force.  They can pick a man out better than you can.  But that’s another post.  An alpha female is very conscious of her needs for a man and is proud of that.  She likes talking about it and expects it.  She loves the right man in a deep, intense way that without it in her life makes her feel she’s not using all her gifts.  She’s sits at the big dinner table of life and digs in.   She’s driven.  She zones in and gathers her inner resources.  Bringing an available man into her life becomes just another project that she manifests.  Believe me, I know.

I cannot begin to tell you how much life moves on its own when you sit down and be still.   I do what I call “treatments”.  All while being at home.  You get very focused and clear when you spend time with yourself.  It should be refreshing, not depressing.  If you want some big ‘ole muscular man thighs in the bed during winter who’ll be around for more than a season, see the tips below.  Challenge yourself to do something different.

Below are 10 Tips To Find A Man Without Leaving The House.  This list does not include chat lines or chat rooms, thank you.

1.  Single male neighbor?  Has a girlfriend?  No worries, invite them both over for coffee.  If he’s not married, he’s available.  See this Friday’s blog.

2.  Sign up for an online law of attraction course and experiment with it. Get the juices flowing.

3.  Create a vision board that will send the vibes out, while you rest.

4.  Invite a group of friends over for movies and ask each to bring a male friend you never met ( to avoid having these men “vetted” make sure they are from your “special” friends not the everyday ones.)

5.  Host a potluck dinner party, put it on Craigslist, and see what happens; lady did this for Thanksgiving, story is online somewhere

6.  Crank call somebody if his voice sounds nice continue the conversation; ever wondered who was that “wrong number” it wasn’t by mistake

7.  Send an email to your list asking to be set up on a blind date (please, get over the “desperate” feeling that is so not alpha)

8.  Remote view your soulmate from afar in a meditation (link with them in spirit)

9.  Open the door naked for the UPS man and see what happens.  (make sure you keep chain on door)

10. Scan your friends’ Facebook photos and add any of their friends that look good (because everyone else does it)

Got a tip not on the list?


  1. Free says:

    Agreed Marie… especially #1! You must really be hard up for a man if you purposely invite drama near your domicile.

  2. Another Fabulous way to meet great guys/gals without leaving the house is doing Youtube videos. Open up a Youtube account and do video Blogs! I’ve Youtubed for years, and when I went to Paris last year, I met a few of my subscribers that flew in From Sweden, Italy, and Belgium just to meet me! It was fabulous!

  3. Damn Shame says:

    THIS IS CRAZY! I actually met my current man doing number 10 and some LOA…whooo hooo! I always wondered about number 6. Good story Jubilance!

  4. Jubilance says:

    Ok, I’m back per Maryann’s request 😉

    I discovered LoA about 6 months ago. I had been single for a couple years, and was ready to be back in a relationship. I wasnt getting the results I wanted using my old method, and I was really negative, thinking about how lonely I was and I couldnt find a man and blah blah blah. I made 2 vision boards – 1 that hangs on my bedroom wall, and 1 electronic version using Microsoft OneNote (its like an electronic bulletin board). I put up lots of pictures of happy couples on each board. Then I started working on my manifestations and keeping my vibrational energy high about relationships. I visualized the happy relationship I wanted, with a man who was a complement for me. I knew that he was right around the corner.

    And then one day, he just showed up. And pretty early I knew he was the man I had been waiting for. And its been happiness ever since. Being with him makes me so happy and keeps my vibrational energy high, and I know its just gonna get better.

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