REWIND: 10 Things Michelle Obama Did Right….

As unmarried Black women (and there’s a lot!) what can we learn from her? If you have an attitude after reading this, refer to #6 and buy my books.

1. She didn’t let the “lightskinned guy” thing get to her. Too many black women (and yes, white women, too) are hung up on the tall, dark skinned guy with the bald head and the suit on—broke or wealthy. Ladies, very few times is his preference YOU.

2. She didn’t let the fact that he is rather slim (puny) and far from muscular distract her. Refer back to #1. Obama has the kind of body most women do not notice. It doesn’t scream “virile, robust, healthy male, here” to our roaming virginal eggs waiting to be fertilized. Obama is a skinny little thing and definitely not in athlete-football player form, but still every bit of a man.

3. She got around her beliefs about him being below her and “just a summer associate” and got to know him as an individual. Stop overlooking the dude because he didn’t go to the right college, know the right people, or makes more money than you. Live your life.

4. She “dated” him. They went to the museum, they had ice cream. He didn’t ball out and drop $200 on a first date dinner or pull up in a shiny black Beamer or jet her off to Atlantic City to blow thousands during a hot weekend at the Borgota. He took her for ice cream. She said yes. Too many sisters, would’ve screamed that he was BROKE. Then go home and call their friends. “Giirrrl, do you know that fool had the nerve to ask me out for ice cream? He shouldn’t be dating if he can’t afford it.”

5. She lets him shine. She hasn’t written her book. Usually, sisters have to their own and would’ve written a book by now about “My Life With Obama.” It would sound something like, “He got two books out. I’m gonna get me at least one. This is my moment too. Damn, I may even start my own clothing label!” Thank you, Michelle for sparing us the details and letting the man have his moment. When it looked like you could’ve stolen it, you stepped back, and let him shine for the greater good.

6. She listens to others. She understands her role as first lady in waiting and is working with her advisors. She is okay with the “transformation” to the new soft, pastel-colored suits and perfect flip. She is a kinder, softer Michelle and she smiles more. Ladies, we need to smile more and be more open.

7. She supported his out-of-this-world idea to run for President of the United States of America. Instead of saying, “Why would you want to do some dumb ass sh*t like that?”

8. She stayed in shape keeping up a great physical, slender physique despite having children and a full time job. She didn’t let it go. She goes to the gym, you can see the cuts in her arms. All these pics we see of Michelle she looks the same way. Keepin’ it tight for her man!

9. She values her motherhood and femininity. She chose to work at a university that was near her daughters’ school so it would be easy to pick them up. She is always seen as the “mother” very comfortable in a nurturing role. Where as, someone else would be like, “He need to get his ass back from his little Senator meeting now. I got a nail appointment!”

10. She said “yes” when he proposed. ‘Nuff said.

by Maryann Reid


  1. Dora Roberts from The Bronx says:

    WOW! Well, I agree. I hav been guilty of some of that stuff. If I had met Obama I woulda at least waited until he got a promotion…lol…and eat!

  2. Nadine says:

    Number 4 is tricky because I am far too busy to meet a man for ice cream or a museum; I’m just as busy as he is; If that is 2 much 2 ask oh well. I feel U on the other points though.

  3. Yasmine Torres says:

    In my opinion we can learn most from #4, 5, 8. About 3 and doing our own thing, I have friends right now who have a hard time playing the sidelines, one friend after her husband scored a promotion, renegaged on his promotion party to talk about her “surprise” plans to go back to school. Can’t the man have a damn moment! The party became about her, and once again the black man is crushed.

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