10 “Alpha” Things To Do For Christmas


[Notice: Due to Christmas, there will be no new posts today]

Ready?  Here it goes!

1.  Nothing.

2. Nothing.

3.  Nothing.

4.  Nothing.

5.  Nothing.

6.  Nothing.

7.  Nothing.

8.  Nothing.

9. Nothing

10.  Be good to yourself.  Be authentic to yourself.  Don’t change because everyone says you have to go along.  If you’re not ready to celebrate this holiday with everyone else, don’t feel guilty.  However, it could be a good time to meet new people as an alpha female is always about expanding.  But there’s so much pressure this time of year to be somebody you are not, to make the relationship work, the break off the relationship, to spend more money than you have, to be happy when you are not, to smile for your kids when you are crying, to spread the Christmas cheer when you want to just slap everybody.  But in order to experience what this holiday is really about you have to stay STILL.  There’s lots of magic and happiness in that, too.


  1. shawniebear says:

    Very nice, I don’t feel alone now. I’ve been home all day, I did visit others for Thanksgiving but today I just want to enjoy the comfort of being alone and relaxing. I sent some happy holiday texts but that’s about it. =)

  2. Smile Lee says:

    How refreshing to read. I am currently sitting at my friends house b/c I was told that x mas should not be spent alone. My family has never been big on Holidays so we are either sleeping or working. I am social person but I just realized that I really enjoy my time to myself. I work so much, Holidays are the only time that I have to just sit and do…. Nothing

  3. calichick says:

    I agree. I’m trying to break myself out of hurried woman syndrome. Sometimes it’s good to do nothing.

  4. MsKris says:

    Yeah this is a good one. I have student loans, car note/ins, bills bills and more bills so this Christmas I don’t want anyone looking at me sideways because they didn’t get a gift. The holidays just highlight everyone’s sense of entitlement it’s pathetic. Last time I checked it was Jesus’s birthday not everybody’s lol

  5. Siren says:

    Thanks for this I am going through some pronblems in my relationship now and healing from surgery and have been so overwhelmed! This read was just what I needed

  6. Dawn says:

    This year been really hard for me being the first without my son’s father and being alone with the kids. They make the holiday so much brighter for me because it takes my mind off alot. But I can see what you mean about being still, it does bring some calm to the storm and give me a chance to not be so demanding of myself and get swept up when I really just need to breathe.

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